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Item sets allow you to collect multiple items, view their collective stats, and compare them to other sets.

Item Set Lookup

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201.SoD T5 Inflicted Dreamwhisper (Brd)
202.SoD T5 Inflicted Earthborn (Dru)
203.SoD T5 Inflicted Firesoul (Pal)
204.SoD T5 Inflicted Forcemeld (Mag)
205.SoD T5 Inflicted Frostblaze (Wiz)
206.SoD T5 Inflicted Ironbone (War)
207.SoD T5 Inflicted Lifefalter (Nec)
208.SoD T5 Inflicted Mindhallow (Cle)
209.SoD T5 Inflicted Savagecry (Bst)
210.SoD T5 Inflicted Shadowshift (Rog)
211.SoD T5 Inflicted Thoughthaze (Enc)
212.SoD T5 Inflicted Truespirit (Rng)
213.SoD T5 Inflicted Willsear (Sha)
214.SoD T5 Inflicted Windstruck (Mnk)
215.SoD T5 Ordained Ashenheart (Shd)
216.SoD T5 Ordained Battlescar (Ber)
217.SoD T5 Ordained Dreamwhisper (Brd)
218.SoD T5 Ordained Earthborn (Dru)
219.SoD T5 Ordained Firesoul (Pal)
220.SoD T5 Ordained Forcemeld (Mag)
221.SoD T5 Ordained Frostblaze (Wiz)
222.SoD T5 Ordained Ironbone (War)
223.SoD T5 Ordained Lifefalter (Nec)
224.SoD T5 Ordained Mindhallow (Cle)
225.SoD T5 Ordained Savagecry (Bst)
226.SoD T5 Ordained Shadowshift (Rog)
227.SoD T5 Ordained Thoughthaze (Enc)
228.SoD T5 Ordained Truespirit (Rng)
229.SoD T5 Ordained Willsear (Sha)
230.SoD T5 Ordained Windstruck (Mnk)
231.SoD T5 Tainted Ashenheart (Shd)
232.SoD T5 Tainted Battlescar (Ber)
233.SoD T5 Tainted Dreamwhisper (Brd)
234.SoD T5 Tainted Earthborn (Dru)
235.SoD T5 Tainted Firesoul (Pal)
236.SoD T5 Tainted Forcemeld (Mag)
237.SoD T5 Tainted Frostblaze (Wiz)
238.SoD T5 Tainted Ironbone (War)
239.SoD T5 Tainted Lifefalter (Nec)
240.SoD T5 Tainted Mindhallow (Cle)
241.SoD T5 Tainted Savagecry (Bst)
242.SoD T5 Tainted Shadowshift (Rog)
243.SoD T5 Tainted Thoughthaze (Enc)
244.SoD T5 Tainted Truespirit (Rng)
245.SoD T5 Tainted Willsear (Sha)
246.SoD T5 Tainted Windstruck (Mnk)
247.SoD T5 Tarnished Ashenheart (Shd)
248.SoD T5 Tarnished Battlescar (Ber)
249.SoD T5 Tarnished Dreamwhisper (Brd)

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